Thanks for stopping in! Since you are here let us tell you a bit about ourselves.

We are Glen and Frank and Janelle, the team behind Our mission is to provide Saskatoon and area with stunning real estate images. With the growing trend of architectural, commercial and residential real estate listings moving at an increasingly rapid pace, the two of us deeply believe in providing images that drive audience engagement.

How do we do that?

Our answer is with high end, consistent images that set your brand apart. We are so passionate about what we do and have seen the results of professional imagery first hand. Recently a home we photographed sold in less than 5 days. The couple that bought the home fell in love with it online before they even saw it and insisted we shoot their existing home as well. It promptly sold within 3 days too! We don’t claim to have sold the properties, as that was a combination of excellent agents, great timing, and the right clients.  We do, however, guarantee that our images helped in both cases.

A little about us.

Glen is a family man. He’s detail driven and notices everything. That drives his wife and 3 kids crazy sometimes, but they love him all the more for it. Don’t let him convince you otherwise but he always makes lists and feels quality of work is extremly important.  This is why he’s the perfect real estate photographer – why would he be willing to accept mediocre images and miss important details for himself if your potential buyer wouldn’t either?

In the ultra competitive world of real estate in Saskatoon, let us help you expand your audience engagement, build a consistent visual brand and we’ll even help you grow awareness of your listing with a little extra promotion on our social media streams too. It’s imperative you stack the odds in your favour by adding one more tool into your professional sales arsenal. Put your trust in our team, you won’t regret it.

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